Vision Mission

Vision Mission



    To be a firm which develops and renovates itself, looking forward, innovator and entrepreneur by using the communication sources and equipment offered by the today’s technology to us in the areas concerning us in the sector.



    To be a company which creates a value for its employees and customers as being the first choice of our customers with our products, solutions and after-sale services we provide to our customers and with our high reliability and business ethics we have achieved.

Our Quality Policy

  • To define, implement and continuously improve the efficiency of the conditions of the Quality Management System so as to meet the needs and expectations of our customers,
  • To meet the requirements and expectations of the customer in the best manner and to ensure the customers satisfaction,
  • To follow the technological developments and to raise our manufacturing productivity and competitive power,
  • To raise the productivity by giving importance to the quality awareness, training and skills of the employees,
  • To prevent any risk for our employees by ensuring a safe and secure environment is our quality policy.

Our Quality Targets ;

  • On-time delivery at the rate of 95%,
  • To deliver internal training for minimum 4 hours per person in a year in order to raise the quality of the employees. In addition, to send the employees to external training courses and seminars,
  • When a customer complaint has been received, to take action at latest within 2 business days,
  • To send price quotation for all works within 3 (three) business days.