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Sales of retail and package elevator supplies at home and abroad

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About CEO Asansör

The purpose of establishment of CEO Asansör, which was established in 2008, is that we, having been in the industry for many years, personally know the problems experienced by the suppliers and that we believe that we are able to offer solutions to such problems.

We’re selling retail and package elevator supplies at home and abroad. As we are selling some of the products as contracted dealer, we share the advantages from this position with our customers. Our aim is to provide the most appropriate and fastest service to the customer.

Elevator Cabins.
Elevator Cabins

In the elevator cabins section of our manufacturing, we are also manufacturing special models from panoramic cars to vehicle elevator as per the request.

Elevator Doors.
Elevator Doors

Doors are manufactured according to varying dimensions of the elevator shaft.

Elevator Buttons.
Elevator Buttons

You can examine different types of elevator buttons.

Elevator Rails.
Elevator Rails

Elevator rails in various sizes for use in your elevators.

Elevator Motors.
Elevator Motors

Synchronous (gearless motors) and Geared Elevator Motors

Elevator Control Boards.
Elevator Control Boards

Elevator control panels change according to the number of stops, technical features and comfort of the elevator.

Is Your Elevator [Secure?].

Is Your Elevator Secure?

The selection of the products used on elevators is highly important. Those products which might be selected ignoring the goal will lead you to make changes within couple of years. We use products which have lowest level of risk and get the elevators for use after conducting latest final control systems and inspection techniques.

Unlimited [Lives!].

Unlimited Lives!

Escalators specially designed for varios horizantal angles and curves. Standartd: Security handles automatically moves with the platform which requires no help/assistance